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Wendouree Centre of Performing Arts

Wendouree Centre for Performing Arts ~ WCPA

1220 Howitt Street, Wendouree, Victoria, 3355
Ph: 03 5338 0980


  • Standard Lighting and blackout available.
  • No Fancy Lighting or data projector available.


  • Please ensure you have the correct music on a CD.
  • Please take CD with Coach/Competitor side stage before the performance. Please note we do not have the facilities iPod/iPhone/iPad, please have your music on “Audio CD” NOT as MP3.


  • No Back Curtain available. Entry can be from the Mid curtain in required.


  • Candy Bar will be open throughout the competition, food options located 3 minutes walking distance.


  • Parking is available at School Lane, which is the last left turn before the pedestrian lights or side streets. Available all day.

DO NOT PARK at the Bluebell Hotel or Wendouree Shopping Complex as your car WILL be towed.

Check in details

Upon entry into the foyer please make your way to the registration desk and have competitors name marked off. Please ensure you register 30 minutes prior to the commencement of your section. Coaches passes will be issued ONLY to the Coach who’s named appears on the pupil registration form & only for that session.

1870 Founders Theatre (M – Building)

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