Competitor Awards

In our 25th year of competition (2017) we introduced awards to competitors who have been attending the Ballaarat Solos for either 5 years or 10 years. For a short-term catch-up period, we also acknowledged 5 years+. What a great achievement for these girls.

From 2019, the 5 year and 10 year awards will only be given, as we have now caught up through the years.

2007 to 2018

10 years of competition

Grace Collard- Robynmore, Victoria Collard – Robynmore, Bree Lucas – Robynmore, Elizabeth Maltaric – Avonde, Molly O’Callaghan – Avonde. Renae Augerinakis – Robynmore, Stephanie Dowsey – Crown, Nicole Stojcevski – Newport

5 years +  of competition

Hayley Argent – Geelong, Laura Maltaric – Avonde, Mackenzie Moreland – Emmanuel, Naomi McKee – Jayde, Sarah Connell- Robynmore, Sheridan Mathias – Roselind, Tayla Stewart – Tooradin, Torie Killender- St Mark’s, Aalyah Killender – St Mark’s, Aisha Ginnaj – Avonde, Ella Nash – Geelong, Gabriella Pigatto Avonde, Kaitlyn Brown – Studio Arc, Laura Brummell – Ceres, Natalya Nathan – Cranbourne, Olivia D’Agruma – Jeaden, Rebecca Sannwald – Merinda, Skye Allen – Regent, Alana Hermans – Westcoast, Breanna Wood – Regent, Brooke Grambau – Glenroy, Caitlin Cosgriff – St Mark’s, Claire Humphries – Robynmore, Charlee Macklin – Robynmore, Claudia Rose Jenkinson – Robynmore, D’Arcy Curtis – Roselind, Ellie McCorkell – Avonde, Emily Cosgriff – St Marks, Emily Inserra – Avonde, Esther McKee – Jayde, Jennifer McLaren, Kristy-Lee Eather , Maggie Greenhalgh- Westcoast, Maggie Vos – Regent, Meg Brooks – Avonde, Rebecca Spencer – Emmanuel, Tahnee Currie- Pentland, Abbey McKoy – Sovereign, Amelia Collard – Robynmore, Chelsea Parson – Merinda, Ellie Martin, Emily Prouse, Erin Dunbar, Esther Craig – Horsham, Felicity McMahon, Hayley Cox, Jessica D’Intionsante – Merinda, Maddie Barbuto – Jeaden, Michaela Crosbie, Nicole Sheridan – Robynmore, Niketa Filed, Rylee Majerczak, Serena Biewer, Shanae Harris – Jeaden, Sheanda Chew – Sovereign, Stephanie White, Tamsin Courtot – Avonde, Tyla Soltan, Willow Ofosu-Amaah – Bentleigh. Zoe Gibson – Sovereign, Ellie Lovison – Studio Arc,


5 years of competition

Allira Kennedy – Sovereign, Brennah Macdonald – Robynmore, Tamlyn Macdonald- Robynmore, Callista Reed – Regent, Shanee Hamilton – Avonde, Hannah Thompson- Ocean Grove, Madeline Vella – Bentleigh, Charlotte Dawson – Chadstone, India Lively – Avonde, Kat Bast – Ceres, Lauren Martin – Roselind, Emily Hamill – Pentland, Hannah Potter – Robynmore, Mia Ryan – Robynmore, Sophie Flynn – Jayde, Carly White – Krymzon (SA), Ruby Horgan – Jayde, Shaylie Young – Berwick, Carmen Emery – Jayde, Emily Smith – Jeaden, Maddy Norling – Newport, Georgina Sossi – Bentleigh, Jade Anderson – St Mark’s, Lauren Farrelly – Merinda, Madeline Halbish – St Mark’s, Alanah Hessey – Glenroy, Claire Rankin – St Mark’s, Marlee Wilson, Pentland