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Terms & Conditions

Thank you for supporting the 27th Ballaarat Solo Competition Inc: The competition will be held in the WCPA ~ Wendouree Performing Arts Centre, 1220 Howitt St, Wendouree. Our 2nd venue will be the 1870 Founders Theatre, University Drive, Federation University Mt Helen Campus. (15 to 20-minute drive from WCPA)


WCPA is available in School Lane (off Howitt Street), Howitt Street & Forest Street.
NO PARKING in the Hotel car park as you will be towed, if you wish to park across the road in the shopping center car park please observe the signs. As cars may be towed if parked in these areas.

1870 Founders Theatre, is available in all areas.


Are required to report to the Registrar (in the foyer – at either venue) at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the session.


* To withdraw prior to the competition weekend please contact:

JULIE ~ 0417 390 599

(If NO answer please leave a message or send a text message.)

** To withdraw during the competition please text the above number or email Do not call as we may be in the theatre and cannot answer.

*** Failure to notify us of your withdrawal 24 hours prior to your scheduled performance this will incur a $25.00 fine under the CVI ruling as per listed in the CVI Solo Rules.


Due to CVI Ruling, there will no refunds are given, if you wish to apply for a refund with a medical certificate please contact the director of competitions at the CVI Office.

MUSIC:  * New Rule

Please take your music side stage with you & hand into the Tech who will assist you. Remember all music must be placed on a USB Stick. There is NO provision at our comp to use CD, iPod/iPhone/iPad for music.

LIGHTING: * New Rule

Blackouts are available for all sections, however, for Senior Graceful, we are offering fancy lighting. Lighting Cue Sheets will be forwarded to those competitors once the entries close, sheets will need to be filled in & returned by Friday, March 22nd.

DLP *New Rule

Senior Graceful Competitors DLP will be available, the cost is $20 due to the costing of hiring or the DLP Projector (which is the same as RSSS uses from Her Majesty theatre).

PROGRAMS:  * New Rule

Will not be placed on our website prior to the competition. These will be available on the day. Cost $3. As these are a booklet form. These can be pre-purchased on your entry for pick up when you register on the day.


WCPA ~ There is NO BACK CURTAIN for entry or exit available but there is a mid-curtain that can be used, the Stage Manager will assist you with this.

1870 Founders Theatre ~ Back curtain is available for entry & exits.

** All performances will be timed & penalties will apply if any.


Are required to report to the Registration & present their current card to collect their complimentary entry pass for the session that your student is competing in. Take note passes will only be issued to the coaches listed on your entry form, we shall have a full list of these coaches who are eligible at the desk. You will need to show ID to receive your pass. If a Coach comes who has no Student competing can purchase a discounted ticket which is a child price, on the show of you your card.

Please Note Coaches: That you will need to show your VCCA Teacher Registration on your Mobile phone to receive the discounted ticket or free entry pass, even if we know who you are please do the right thing & show your valid card. If you do not show us your registration you will have to pay full price. So, please to the right thing.


For your guests to come to watch (competitors will receive a free pass for the session they are competing in only): Just a reminder also that even if your Mum is putting you on Stage (unless she is a Coach) she will need to purchase a ticket. This will need to be purchased before going into the Dressing Room Area as there will be a volunteer manning the dressing room door so you will need a ticket prior to entering this area. This applies to both venues.

This is a venue request as we need to know where people are. Prices for your friends & family are listed on our website.


Both venues are cash only. Ticket prices will be released on our Facebook page shortly.



Will be available for pick up from the registration desk after the end of the section. There may be a slight delay as there is paperwork that we need to fill in prior to handing these out.

RESULTS * New Rule as per CVI Rules

At Metropolitan Competitions, the following places are being awarded:

8 or less competitors

*At least 2 remain unplaced

* 1 st, 2 nd 3 rd

* HM & HC – No equals

9 or more competitors

*In sections of 9 or more must leave at least 2 unplaced

* 1 st -3 rd No equals

* HM No more than 2

* HC No more than 2

15 or more competitors

Special Mention may be awarded At Adjudicator’s discretion on whether it is awarded. Maximum of 2 No points announced – does not have to be next down points from HC

May be awarded up to and including 13 years (Juniors)

* This will also be enforced that NO Parents or Coaches can be side stage when the Adjudicator is on the stage giving results. Only Techs & Official of the Ballaarat Solo Comp allowed.

** Results will be published throughout the comp onto our Facebook & Website


We welcome back WinkiPop Media to our team as our official photographers.  In 2019, this is Winkipop 7th year in being our official photographers. They will be taking performance photos of all competitor, this year there will be no portrait photo’s been taken in the foyer. We welcome back Emma, Shaun & Robin.

Cost of the action shots can be pre-paid for $25 voucher (for 5 shots) which will be given to you when you register. 


Matthew Heenan from SBC Productions from Ballarat will be filming all items that have been prebooked, this year the offer is for Digital Download within 2 hrs of your section end, direct to the email that is listed on your entry. This worked very well in 2018.

Cost is $25 prebooked or on the day $30. If you wish to have a hard copy on DVD this can be done on request at an extra cost.

Please remember

  • Competition is supposed to be fun
  • The competitors are children
  • The Adjudicators are entitled to their Opinion
  • The Helpers are all Volunteers
  •  It is equally important to know how to win well
  • As well as lose well