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Check in details

Upon entry into the foyer please make your way to registration, desk and have competitors name marked off. Please ensure you register 30 minutes prior to the commencement of your section. Coaches passes will be issued ONLY to the Coach who’s named appears on the pupil registration form & only for that session.

Penalties for Competitor non-attendance

If a competitor fails to give 24 hours notice of pending non-appearance, she will incur a fine of $25 to be paid within 14 days. Failure to pay this fine will generate a second letter from the Director of Competitions, with a request for $50 to be paid within 14 days.


In 2018 there is a new CVI Policy, NO REFUNDS will be given unless the competitor sends an email to the Director of Competitions, the decision will solely be the director’s decision.


To withdraw prior to the competition weekend please contact:
  • JULIE ~ 0417 390 599

If no answer, please leave a message, send a text message, or email us (checked daily).

To withdraw during the competition please send a text to Julie or email:

Failure to notify us of your withdrawal 24 hours prior to your scheduled performance will incur a $25.00 fine under the CVI ruling.


Please take your music side stage with you & hand into the Tech Aaron, who will assist you with a  blackout, if you need. Blackouts are available but no fancy lighting. There is NO provision at our comp to use iPod/iPhone/iPad for music, please make sure you have your music on a disc burnt as an “Audio CD” not an MP3 as this is the safest way.


There is NO BACK CURTAIN for entry or exit, available but there is a mid curtain that can be used, the Stage Manager will assist you with this. ** All performances will be timed & penalties will apply if any.


Coaches are required to report to the Registrar & present their current card to collect their complimentary entry pass for the session that your student is competing in. Take note passes will only be issued to the coaches listed on your entry form, we shall have a full list of these coaches who are eligible at the desk., and you will need to show ID to receive your pass.


There is NO CANTEEN available, however, there are food shops across the road in the shopping strip.

Crit Papers

Crit Papers will be available for pick up from the registration desk after the completion of the section. There may be a slight delay as there is paperwork that we need to fill in prior to handing these out.


This year we welcome back WinkiPop Media to our team as our official photographers. They will be taking performance photos of all competitors plus portrait photos in the foyer

Digital Download

Matthew Heenan & Nick Hill from SBC Productions Ballarat, they will be filming all items this year once again The performance will be then sent via an email to the address that is registered in Mystage, within 1 hr of the performance, with the preference of pre-booked first. Those ordered on the day of the competition may take up to a few hours.


This year we have a lot of new volunteers to welcome you all to our Comp. So please give them a smile & say Hi, as we are all here to help you with any question etc you may have.


Will be published throughout the comp onto our website & the solo comp facebook page.

  • If you have any problems at all in regards to the Ballaarat Solo Comp please speak to Julie even if you have suggestions on how to make our comp better, please let us know.
  • We look forward to seeing you all in a few weeks at Ballaarat Solo Comp.

Please remember

  • Competition is supposed to be fun
  • The competitors are children
  • The Adjudicators are entitled to their Opinion
  • The Helpers are all Volunteers
  •  It is equally important to know how to win well
  • As well as lose well