RSSS Ballaarat Calisthenic Solo

Our Special Section

The Ballaarat Calisthenic Solo section of the Royal South Street Competitions is proudly sponsored by the Ballaarat Solo Competition Inc. We are pleased to donate the prize money and perpetual trophies to the winners of this prestigious section.

We congratulate all of the talented, clever young ladies who took to the stage tonight and performed for an audience of over 400 people:

  • Abbey De Lange – Ceres Calisthenic Club Inc, Kathryn Andrews
  • Rachel Dowling – Merinda Calisthenic College Inc, Lisa White
  • Claire Humphreys – Robynmore Calisthenics College, Natalie Bond
  • Amelia Stutterd-Walsh – Jeaden Calisthenics College, Jeanne Sorich
  • Sophia Savaris – Applecross Calisthenics Club, Natalie Scott
  • Kat Bast – Ceres Calisthenic Club Inc,  Julia Doig
  • Emily Gray Avv Millennium Calisthenics and Dance Academy, Carmel Margaritis
  • Laura Maltaric – Avonde Calisthenics College, Carly Harrison
  • Rebecca Reber – Jeaden Calisthenics College, Kirrilly Wootton
  • Maggie Greenhalgh – Robynmore Calisthenics College, Nicole Sherridan
  • Honoria Roffey – Merinda Calisthenic College Inc, Suzanne Beattie
  • D’Arcy Curtis – Roselind Calisthenics, Taryn McLeod
  • Nikita Koertzen – West Coast Calisthenics Club, Ashley Schroeder
  • Katie Johnstone – Emmanuel Calisthenics Inc, Kerie Summers
  • Chelsea Priamo – Ceres Calisthenic Club Inc, Emma Lim
  • Marlee-Shae Holden – Avonde Calisthenics College, Rebecca Reeves
  • Angeline Cray – Jeaden Calisthenics College, Lucinda Williams
  • Brigette Mcveigh – Merinda Calisthenic College Inc, Suzanne Beattie
  • Maddison Cubitt – Kristar Calisthenics College, Christine Tredrea
  • Jana Prencel – Karilee Calisthenics Inc, Liz Arnold
  • Valeria Volkova – Joyelle Calisthenics Club, Valeria Volkova
  • Elyse Pavan – Marden Calisthenic College, Melissa Lydyard

Competition winner Angeline Cray acknowledged that

“it’s hard to come into a competition knowing that everyone is at the top of their sport”

It certainly was a stunning section

1st – Angeline Cray
2nd – Elyse Pavan
3rd – Honaria Roffey
HM – Emily Gray
HC – Amelia Stutterd-Walsh

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